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The Cake Factory had its beginnings somewhere in 2005, when a family friend asked my sister Farah and I to do a “cookery demonstration” in their newly opened store. That little ad-hoc demonstration was followed by a sale of cakes – mainly Love Cake, which was a family favourite. The response we received was overwhelming and that gradually led us to the idea of starting our own business.

We grew up in a large house where our grandmothers’ cooking skills were legendary. This paired with the constant flow of guests who came over for lunch, tea or dinner, meant that our lives revolved around the large family kitchen, where something was always cooking or baking. Our mother and her four sisters are all exceptional cooks, but our mothers’ forte was baking and hardly a week would go by without a cake being baked at home.

From the very beginning The Cake Factory ethos was to focus on what we do best, which is making cakes from scratch using traditional methods of baking with wholesome ingredients. We firmly believe in the principal that a cake has to first taste good while its ‘look’ is secondary.

This belief of taking traditional heirloom recipes and doing it right has worked extremely well for us and the values that were followed at our inception are still very much a part of our core values today – hand crafting each and every cake or dessert using only the freshest and finest ingredients; using local produce whenever available; giving a simple ribbon cake or a bespoke wedding cake the same care and attention to detail; not using preservatives and making each and every cake to order ensuring that freshness and quality is never compromised.

It gives us great pride that while our team at The Cake Factory has grown considerably, some of the members on our team have been with us since the inception. As a team, we are all firm believers that each and every cake has to be baked not only with the finest ingredients but with heaps of love.

As we continue on this journey, we thank each and every one of you who has walked through our doors and taken home a handcrafted cake or dessert from our home to yours.

With love and gratitude,

Hafsa, Farah & the Team






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